Hello Urbanians,


it's me, Marina ! welcome one and welcome all. how have you been these past couple of weeks ? it's been a roller coaster of a ride for me! but I am back BABY ! last couple of summer days have been absolutely *AWFUL* !  this flooding and constant rain is a real downer. 

let's cool off because I am as steamed as a popcorn packet ! ready 3...2...1.. and inhale...hold (4 sec) … EXHALE ! okay so it's March 2022, leaves are finally shedding and the weather is ughh.... not great but we can make the winter style work early right ? ladies knee high or thigh high boots with baggy sweaters and scarves, Men jeans, Converse or Vans and a pile lined trucker jacket is a real go getter. 

if we are getting extra here for winter my fellow Men the Graffiti Hooded Spray Jacket is your BFF, water resistant and a quick drying jacket. How you may say ? this wonderful work of art is made with 100% Polyester Taslon. don't be fooled this jacket is not restrictive or tight at all ! 

anyone with commitment issues and need space at all times ? yes here it is *DRUM ROLL* this jacket has double welt pockets on the chest and hips. need I say more ? you don't need a side bag this is all the storage you need. 

we adore this jacket in Safari Green... it screams *STYLE*


till next time my loves xx 


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