Well good morning Urbanians ! (if you're reading this at night than good night angels x) I am your crazy, loud & currently tired blogger Marina. One of the three owners who runs all socials and responds to all your quirky weird inquiries ! you guys are the ones that make no two days the same... thank god for my rockstars ! please throw all your crazy and weird fashion posts at me via I love to see everybody with all their little touches  to their fashion outfits, its thrilling. 

alrightyy currently typing and listening to 'Every Day Should Be A Holiday' by The Dandy Warhols, WHAT !?! you have not heard it ?! QUICK ! QUICK ! whack it on now while we chat about the Indiana Fluted Tank by Stussy, because it will ensure the vibes you get from this tank top will absolutely put you in the mood for a holiday, it makes you want to chill out silently at the beach listening to all the waves crash and retreat. 

still interested ? or have you completely zoned out because of the music ? anyways, this tank top is made with a soft cotton fabrication which means it is in no way to itch your armpits up,  yes we all know how sequin dresses and tops are NUTORIOUSLY known to tickle and make you itch. its a no from us for sequin things.  

Pair the indiana fluted tank top with a pair of light coloured jeans or a nude colour short / skirt and baby you are going to be the highlight of the day or night. you got this chika you can rock it !

Make sure to keep the peace & express gratitude to mother nature.


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