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What a crazy bunch of weather we have been having lately... but that doesn't stop the endless orders we have been receiving online ! go our loyal customers go ! we are thankful for each and every one of you for supporting a small town business in their inspiring journey through the Covid pandemic ! OFCOURSE it wasn't just us suffering unfortunately it has been a wild crazy few months for so many people. Keep strong because there is light at the end of this tunnel I promise ! 

waking up each day and practicing gratitude is a real game changer as well as doing some breathing exercises, little did you know we all go through a spiritual journey at least one stage of our lives.... but who is complaining if it can bring peace through out the storm... why not ? speaking of storms this weather is just completely NUTS ! but mother nature doesn't do things just for the negative affect on our plans (we wouldn't have such beautiful places to see if rain didn't let the pretty plants grow) so let us be thankful ! 

CALLING ALL MY SWIMMERS AND SURFING GALS! my brave swimmers who swim through out every season of the year... boy do we have a special surprise for you ! This winter we have just ordered our FIRST Seafolly surf suit (omg yes I know please leave applause till the end) this little beauty is breathable, cosy and stylish for the winter months to come … or now if you hate the harsh wind like I do ! ( I'm a real lizard when it comes to basking in the sun during summer and full coated up at the winter on the beach)

The Material for the "summer of love" surf suit is 80% Nylon and 20 % Elastane which means it is a quick drying surf suit ! how wonderful is that. 

you may now applaud this little stunner. 

*takes bow*


till next time Urbanians !!!

- Marina 

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