sun bum

Hello Urbanians, 

it has been a long while since we last spoke and hope all is well with you, let me start off with saying that so far our online orders are shooting through the roof with this little stunner... it is small... but a very mighty smell. 

who doesn't love that ?

I have sold bulk lots of this and I personally have not tried it until one day I was like "wow these must be super good if we keep selling loads in one go" I placed one in my car and off we go! now... we all know that when air fresheners are left to simmer in the car the scent gets stronger... and boyyyyyy that is exactly what happened. 

I jumped into my car the next day and !!!BAM!!! the scents of sun bum sunscreen, beachy waves & the strong aroma of a summers night (it was raining heavily that day I got into my car) it was summer all over again the nostalgic memory of a really hot beach day, searing hot seatbelts and the smell of the ocean waves... it was absolutely magical ! no wonder this air freshener was a real go getter ! 

in the Urbann store we absolutely adore sun bum and this air freshener is a real game changer for them this would certainly look the hippie aesthetic for your Kombi or your sanded up car. ;)


till next time xx - Marina 

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