Well... Hello my fellow Urbannians. welcome to the all new blog posts of Urbann Every-THANG. I'm here to make your shopping a little easier if you are considering the following product I am showcasing.... my, my where are my manners ? allow me to introduce myself, My name is Marina, I am one of the three directors at Urbann & I handle all the socials and marketing campaigns, a little thing about me is my absolute passion... sorry no...*ahem* OBSESSION  is Books, fashion & skin care.  so let us begin …

Brand of the week !!! SEAFOLLY

Seafolly has to be the highest quality swim wear I have ever owned, I have not even considered another brand just because the material last as long as they can ( it is truly the MVP of swimwear, don't believe me ? ask someone who has owned a pair of Seafolly swimmers) 

The 'square neck maillot' is the most elegant yet of their range, coming out in a Marina Blue really gives you a " I am feeling chilled at the beach with my wine cooler" vibes, this Swim suit literally says... stop trying so hard … YOU LOOK GREAT SIS!

the material is made up of 87% NYLON & 13% ELASTANE. 

after care is a simple cold machine wash or luke warm water hand wash. 

hope this helps!




chat soon KAWEEENS - Marina xx 

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