Hello Urbanians, 

welcome welcome, you know I always check in with you guys ! I hope your days are filled with a lot of love, a lotta happiness and just a good vibes mood because that is what we are here for, am I right ? (life is an individual experience for all.)

I wish we could actually chat in person and go through a tonne of fashion mags and pick 'who wore it better' that would be so fun ! it is my all time fav to browse through fashion mags, home décor and invent new ways to style the person or place of interest ! 

Anyways ! what we are here for now in Aus. The winter has decided to come slightly early and what I have obsessed over now is the Daisy over sized crew! this is such a soft crew with material consisting of 100% cotton (recycled cotton) we love that it's recycled. (score one for the humans) In todays population we are very much of a throw away society which is understandable...just for the fact that within a click of a button we instantly can get what we want. 

Stussy clothing brand is usually recycled cotton which is what we adore and love ! not to mention how they make it look incredibly fashionable to look good on almost everyone. The Daisy OS crew is a very baggy style so if that is not your thing I suggest checking a few other types of crews that they offer! 

tip for the day: flare pants are so hot right now. 


Cia xx 



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