W-w-why hello there ! I am absolutely freezing. who am I ? my name is Marina and I write blog posts on fashion, newest trending items to Urbann and a endless amount of stories to share with you of my fashion fails, fashion wins and just being your mentor once you enter in to our store.

Urbannians prides themselves on their style and we all individually rock different styles - My style ? I am obsessed with the late 80s-90s fashion, I am well and truly swarmed into this vintage vortex... flare pants anyone ? oh yes I am 100% down. If you can relate... sign up to our newsletter where you can see these blog posts on items as we go... YAY ! (or send us a suggestion of what interests you and what we can discuss on ! )

our topic of today (because we need to go winter related) is this Isabella knit cardigan in Dark Grey, this is heavy knit cardigan and surely to keep you warm during the sunny wintery days... if you are overseas and thinking "what? sunny wintery days? is she crazy?" yes, Aus weather drives me bonkers. We have sunny wintery days with a blast of winds and then somehow have rainfall between all that, we are EXTRAAA. 

This Cardi is your best buddy for those days ! lined with two pockets to slip your essentials in (tissues for the flu going around ?) and made with 85% ACRYLIC & 15% POLYESTER. the colour just complements the season pairing up with your thick jeans, boots and beanie ! it is perfect. 


That is it for now babe xx 


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