Urbanians ! so good to see you checking in babe <3 welcome to our third blog post, I am your crazy & LOUD blogger Marina. If you haven't yet checked out our previous posts I highly recommend checking in to get the scoop or "411" on our other items. We are honest, dedicated and as one of the three owners we all have individual style, me for instance I'm a casual, boho type of gal... I'm here on this earth to be relaxed, have fun, enjoy my tacos and beach night walks.

alright nowww you know a little bit more about me and my type of style you would obviously put this together... me and sun bum are BFFs, sun bums beach products such as the sunscreen are reef friendly, non greasy (thank the heavens because I got sunscreen in my eye once and that forever scarred me for life, for the ones who know.)

But let's move on from traumatic events and ride the wave into sun bums beach game items, anyone up for paddle ball ? because I sure am... you need to be quick & stealthy like a tiger... get another set and use one ball to quickly whack the pickle ball around to the other team mates or rivals *intense music*  ( I did not even know it was called a pickleball till this second lol) 

The paddle ball set comes with two paddles and two pickleballs which is standard for the pair that likes to get away, going camping ? you don't have to play this in the sand but does help if you take a tumble *oops*. The quality of this paddle is exceptional real wooden handles and not flimsy at all. really get the bang for your buck here. 

till next time Urbanians. 

Cia - Marina 

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