Helllooo Gorgeous ! 

My name is Marina and I welcome all to our weekly review of Urbanns blog posts, where we review our most best selling and latest brands that have landed hot off the press and into our store. HOLD ON ! how are you doing ? what is the latest ? are we just lazing on that bed or couch ? cool me too. 

let us jump straight in to the fashion world of *SILENT THEORY* well let me just start off by saying this is the under dog of the fashion world... simple yet iconic, age range 15-40 is able to pull off this brand... specifically  'Standard Linen Blend Stripe Tee' now c'mon now... they really should change the name to 'Quality Made Linen Blend' whyyyy you may ask ? because buying this shirt gives you the quality you deserve and not drag you BACK to the shops to buy clothes that will tear in two months. 

Now okaaaay I shouldn't judge, we all know what its like to be a teen in college or uni  ? … I once made mac & cheese with cold water... yes... it was horrific but I survived and so will the Silent Theory tees. 

This fashionable stripe tee is tan coloured with stripes of black which creates the ultimate contrast, ohhhh did I also mention how incredibly soft this shirt is ? no ?  this shirt is made with 20% Linen and 80% cotton. thank you for tuning in my Urbanians <3

Sincerely your fashion obsessed guru


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